Monday, October 16, 2006

My MAILBOX in Hungary is HUNGRY!!!!!

Hithere!!!I'm Zoe,an artist from Hungary.I'm livin'in a nice little house with my friend,lots of pets and many crazy sculptures in my garden-made of TRASH!!!YEEEAAAH!

I'm makin'all kinda artworX,including drawings,paintings,collages,stickers,objects...etc.-and MAIL-ART,of course!!!

I made this blog to show ya the mailarts others sent to me-and,to put YOUR MAILART in it,too!

So,send me your MAIL-ART(with NO deadline!) to this adress:

Szilagyi Zoe PIT
(Szilagyine Zoltan Eva)

Kokeny u.7
8200 Europe_Hungary

I'll put 'em in this blog!!!



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